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08-21-2007, 11:00 AM
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First thing would be skating and balance. Stopping, backwards skating, transitioning both ways, then crossovers. Once you get all those to a point you are comfortable, work on moving as seamlessly as possible from one to another. What helped me learn stopping was thinking about rotating 90 degrees then kind of sitting down while pushing out with the outside leg. It's hard to visualize but if you can watch a video of someone stopping and break it down into easy to remember steps it's much quicker to learn.

Then work on shooting, wrist shot and backhand are the big ones. Focus on technique and flexing the stick. You should generate most of your power from your legs and the stick flexing. Also work on rolling the puck from the heel to toe of the blade when bringing it across your body to generate spin and keep the puck flat and fast. When you can do a wrist shot comfortably, try reducing your wind up and firing the puck as quick as possible but still getting that flex. That's a snap shot and in my opinion the most effective shot. Slap shots are pretty but limited in use.

And then work on positioning and putting everything together. Learn all the positions, what to do with and without the puck, passing, basic plays, all that. There are good books out there and of course just watching hockey helps.

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