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08-21-2007, 04:09 PM
lost puck
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What helped me the most with stopping was learning to snow plow. turn your toes inwards to make a vee with both skates. Once you are confortable doing that then all you have to do is rotate the foot you want to stop with just a bit more and pickup the inside foot and set it back on the ice parrell to the outside foot and there you are.

One other thing that helped was when I was told to try and think of a hockey stop as a hockey slide. You don't want to try and dig the edge in hard at first, you'll just lose your balance. Instead skate towards a line in the ice and about 5 feet before you reach it start your stop. Try and stay on the hollow and slide to the spot. You'll never make it there but it helps keep your mind on your skate positioning rather than stopping at a given point.

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