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03-11-2004, 12:10 PM
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I don't think we need to hang VaFlyer in effigy for having a different opinion. I think a lot of people are surprised that you (VaFlyer) don't think Bertuzzi drove Moore's head downward. I think he did, but I guess it is, after all, subjective.

Speaking of opinions, I have one where I think that the entire league is taking a hit for the brain cramp of Todd Bertuzzi. This isn't an epidemic, it's an anomoly. I don't think it has a darn thing to do with the instigator as a minor penalty (although I agree with anybody who thinks that the associated game misconduct that automatically goes along with it should be sent packing). I think people like Phil Sheridan are guilty of jumping on a bandwagon and lumping groups together in order to make their arguments. I believe the general definition of "violence" that has been floating around like a 5-ton elephant the last few days is being way too loosely interpreted, and by many journalists who haven't chimed in with an article on the NHL since the Brashear-McSorley incident. In other words, by journalists and talk show hosts who aren't really qualified to provide an opinion.

For those of you who haven't read Sheridan's comparison of the Bertuzzi incident to the actions of Comcast, read here:

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