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03-11-2004, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by BringITon
The Leafs have just as much of a chance that the Flyers do to get to Cup final. If anything, the Leafs have a better chance. What it comes down to is goaltending and as far as I am concerned the Leafs are better in that department. One word, BELFOUR.
First of all, any team in the East has a chance. Tampa and Boston have good teams and you can't sleep on the Isles or Habs either.

Secondly, if Belfour's back doesn't hold up they're not that good. If say they finish 4th and run into Boston w/o Belfour they could easily be ousted in the 1st round.
Originally Posted by BringITon
Clarke will never learn when it comes to suring up his goaltending. First Vanbeisbrouke, then Chechmanek and now the Burke/Esche combo. None of the those goalies stack up anywhere close to Beflour. This will be your achillies heel and once again they will be ousted in the first 2 rounds.
I guess you haven't seen Esche at all this season. Burke is a starter and the Flyers have him backing Esche up. As a Flyer fan for once I'm not worried about the goaltending.
Originally Posted by BringITon
Plus, Roenick is one hit away from a wheelchair. Desjardins, Ragnarsson and Malakov don't strike any fear into anyone anymore and Zhamonov/Amonte have never proven anything in the playoffs.
Actually, Roenick's head is in better shape than Primeau's. If it wasn't for a wired jaw JR would be extremely close to returning.

Desjardins and Ragnarsson never struck fear into anybody. They're good defensive dmen w/ Rico having some offensive pop. Malakhov at his best could very well be the best dman on the ice, Zhamnov said he'll play motivated and that satisfies me. Nice of you to leave off names like Johnsson, Markov, and Pitkanen.

If the Zhamnov line can't score they still have the Handzus line. Raise your hand if you want to watch LeClair screen your goalie, while Recchi, Handzus, and Pitkanen play keep-away before they bury one behind your goalie.
Originally Posted by BringITon
If Toronto and Philly meet once again in the playoffs I will guarrantee that the Leafs will come out victorious. They are way stronger this year and smarter....proven winners equals victories. Can't say the same for Philly.
You can't guarentee anything. I don't see much difference between OTT-TOR-PHI-BOS-TB all 5 are legit Cup contenders who have different strengths and weaknesses.

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