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03-11-2004, 02:42 PM
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a flyer fan believing their goaltending is good enough in the present year.. CHECK...
Look at the win column, it is good enough.

If Toronto and Philly meet once again in the playoffs I will guarrantee that the Leafs will come out victorious. They are way stronger this year and smarter....proven winners equals victories. Can't say the same for Philly
Really? The Leafs are stronger and smarter? Wow, never would have known that based on the blowouts they have suffered against the Flyers,Sens and the Sabres most recently. So much for being smarter. They still leave their goalie hanging out to dry. Proven winners equal victories? That makes no sense coming from a Leafs fan. Where did you win? In the playoffs? No. Was it this year against us? No. You can guarantee all you want, you are the one who will be eating crow when they lose again because of the same problem.

The Leafs have just as much of a chance that the Flyers do to get to Cup final. If anything, the Leafs have a better chance. What it comes down to is goaltending and as far as I am concerned the Leafs are better in that department. One word, BELFOUR
You had Belfour last year. The whole team has to be playing good in front of him or otherwise he gets peppered with shots. The Leafs are better in that department, when Eddie is healthy.
Even when he is healthy, teams still can beat the Leafs by a large margin of goals.

Clarke will never learn when it comes to suring up his goaltending. First Vanbeisbrouke, then Cechmanek and now the Burke/Esche combo. None of the those goalies stack up anywhere close to Beflour. This will be your achillies heel and once again they will be ousted in the first 2 rounds.
No, we won't be ousted in the first two rounds. You'll be lucky to make it that far with all the injuries you have on the team. The words "injuries" and "Leafs" just go together come playoff time.

Plus, Roenick is one hit away from a wheelchair. Desjardins, Ragnarsson and Malakov don't strike any fear into anyone anymore and Zhamonov/Amonte have never proven anything in the playoffs
Roenick is tougher than anyone on the Leafs and maybe in the league. He is one of the toughest s.o.b's I have ever seen. Gets hit in the face with the puck the first time, doesn't miss a game. Gets a concussion last year, doesn't tell anyone he had it, and scores a point in just about every game in the 1st round.

Yes, Rico is not a menacing force say like a Derian Hatcher but he is one of the best d-men in the league. He was a +30 in 2002. He has been consistent throughout his whole career. Rags, Vlad, Pitkanen, Johnsson and Markov are 5 sound defenseman. Markov is a monster on the ice and I am glad we got him. Johnsson and Pitkanen are the reason why the powerplay is #1 in the league. Past 2 games without Pitkanen in, I'm pretty sure the powerplay has not scored. Johnsson is probably the best kept secret in the league. As far as our forwards go, it's no contest, if one line doesn't score, another line does. Then when JR comes back and is paired with Keith and Kapanen, that's a line not many people will be able to stop.

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