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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
I stopped my subscription to THN about 6 years ago because I found their analyses lacking.

I don't disagree about defense possibly being the sore point on this team, but I do disagree as to the reason why everyone thinks so. It's not because they watch the Rangers or are smart, it's because there aren't any recognizable names in the list. A pedestrian group typically doesn't get it done. But let's not forget that one shouldn't be looking at the defense in and of itself, rather one needs to look at the team's defense, which includes goaltending and forwards. This team was #9 in goals against (which is misleading because I think the East has better scorers and thus goals against would be higher (like comparing NL ERA to AL ERA)). So that's pretty darn good. And to me, I don't care how you got there - puck possession, Henke standing on his head, etc. - goals against should be a measure of team defense, and these analysts prefer to look at the names and when they're not recognizable, they point it out as a sore spot.

Lack of toughness - not sure what that really means. Is it fighting? Is it grinding? Is it hitting? I think the Rangers will not pound any team into submission, but they'll be able to hold their own. Jagr can be hit by just about anyone and take it without losing the puck. Drury, Gomez, Shanny, Avery, and even Straka, Hossa, Cally, and others will go into the corners and battle. Rozsival will take a puck off his ankle, and limp to take a puck off his hip. Malik will use his stick to make sure you don't get close. So I'm not sure I'd perceive toughness as an area of weakness, and in the grand scheme of today's NHL, I think the Rangers' make-up this season is pretty good all-around.

Oh, and I guess Sauer and Baranka don't exist in their minds. I actually also think that Potter may turn some heads this season. Liked how he improved last season. I'd also almost include Girardi as a prospect - at what level of games played does one cease to be a prospect?
I stopped mine longer than that. At one time it was an excellent read. Unfortunately many of the excellent writers went by the board. There analysis of our squad is lame, inaccurate and typical.

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