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03-11-2004, 07:03 PM
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heres the article

sounds like him and another player weere jumped for no reason, nothing to serious thank god but bad enough he had to go to the hospital, but who knows maybe there was a motive and we will never know and it could have changed the way grenier plays the game, im sure it would affect me

"HOUSTON -- It seems the Manitoba Moose are taking their licks both on and off the ice.

If a six-game winless streak wasn't bad enough, two members of the AHL hockey club were jumped from behind and involved in an unprovoked incident early yesterday morning that saw Martin Grenier and Jason Lehoux taken to hospital.

A statement released by the Moose late last night said Grenier and Lehoux were standing outside a Houston restaurant and bar when they were approached by several youths and attacked from behind by several more.

Reports indicate the number of individuals involved was as high as 12. Police and ambulance personnel were called to the scene. Both Grenier and Lehoux were treated in hospital for a number of contusions and subsequently released.

The statement says the players had no previous contact with the individuals in question and the reason for the attack remains unknown.

"We're just grateful these guys are relatively okay and just beat up a bit," said Moose captain Dallas Eakins. "It could have been a lot worse."

Eakins stressed that events such as these can happen to anybody.

"People have to realize sometimes things happen for no reason," said Eakins.

"Things like this can happen in big cities, whether it's somebody walking down the street in the middle of the day or a couple of hockey players after a game.

"Sometimes people do the unspeakable."

Moose GM Craig Heisinger said the hockey club will make their best efforts to determine whether any further legal action is required.

Heisinger also said the status of Grenier and Lehoux for today's 1 p.m., game with the Houston Aeros from an injury standpoint was unclear."

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