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03-11-2004, 08:02 PM
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well he wasnt compared to roy, but that is exactly my point in the sense that no matter how good a kid is you cant put too much on the table.

For every Joe Thornton there is a Joe Murphy. For ever LeCalvier there is a Bryan Berard who even pre-injury was not gonna be the player everyone envisioned {remember predraft he was mentioned in the same sentence as chelios and leetch, two american defenseman}

history is not kind to draft picks. everyone remembers the busts, but they dont remember what people saw in the first place and every year they assume "this situation is totally different from that one" when in reality its closer than they'd ever think.

heck i am the first to admit i've put my foot in my mouth a few times, it's part of the game. i've had some guys who lived up to what i knew they could {Gagne, Jackman, etc.}and i've had guys who have disappointed me {Lundmark so far, and heerema come to mind.}

in time you learn to say "this kid could possibly become" instead of "he will become" and you learn that many of these prospects are like new cars, the minute the draft is over {when you drive em off the lot} they start losing value.

there are always exceptions, but the nhl draft is a story of many more broken dreams then realized ones.

ovchekin is excellent, but you have to be reasonable in a trade for him.

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