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08-26-2007, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by FLYLine88 View Post
I'm not just talking about an injury that never gets better, but something that always seems to get injured after it heals up...

For me, it's my right wrist. In 9th grade I had my wrist really start to become sore so I went to the doctors, they did xrays and said it was tearing the cartilage in my wrist which was causing the pain. I had to use a brace for a bit till it healed. No biggie.

A year ago same problem, my wrist acts up again, I knew what it was because it felt the same, started wearing the brace again, it got better.

3 weeks ago I felt it again, I disregarded it this time around. I kept playing and now its pretty bad. I have this huge like bubble coming out of my wrist at the opposite end of that other bone that sticks out just passed your wrist that also looks like a little hump.

Thankfully my playoff game is Thursday which I think should be plenty of time for it to heal, but damn, I can't workout, or play hockey very effectively right now if I wanted to.

So does anyone else have a nagging injury that always seems to come back or you can't get rid of?
If you have a lump on your wrist, go see a doctor. I've suffered through a major wrist injury and yeah they suck. They suck even worse if you don't have them treated. For now, tape it up best you can to get though your games.

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