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03-11-2004, 08:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
hyuck, ya'all dont look like yer from around here, hyuck.

well apparently he got a concussion and missed a decent amount of games. Aropund 20 I think. There was an article about him bim being benched by the Canucks because he did not fight enough. In the following games he went after Low and Simon and was rebuffed (which we all remember) but then he finally got Severnson to oblige, much to Severnsons misfortune.
I loved Simon on this team but the one thing he did not do this year was really fight an established top tier fighter. Godard being the possible exception. Next year this team is going to be young and hungry in a perfect world. And trust me I am not gettin my hopes up with the Bafoon from Banff running the show. But in a Rangers utopia they will be, and it would be nice if this could be a kid that grows up protecting his fellow prospects. Purinton is game but he is a second tier heavyweight. I am rambling a bit but I guess I a am excited to see this team have a willing AND capable young buck come up and do his job. This team hast had it since Domi, and of course my namesake. Langdon while very good was never a deterrent.
So any of you that may be big minors fans please enlighten me if I am falling into the all to familiar Ranger fan trap of getting gassed up for no reason!!

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