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08-26-2007, 09:19 PM
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Originally Posted by dr_sanchi played for the first time ever last night and shot a 51 on a 9-hole par 3....
at least i have a number to beat next time around!

That's not too bad for a first round

Ya gotta start somewhere.I used to be a 5 handicap when I played 3 rounds a week but the last 3 years it's lucky if I play 1 round a month.Kids and a boat will do that.Playing today though in a 4 person scramble tourney.Those are always a blast as many beers are consumed during tha day.

I just played a scramble tourney on friday and it sure is a ton of fun although I chose to skip the beers cause I wanna be able to enjoy the game and play to the best of my abilities.

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