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08-26-2007, 11:25 PM
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When Miro Satan was 20, he played on four different teams. In the 25 games that he did get in with the Oilers affiliate, he went 24-16-40. I'd venture that he had it even harder than poor Robbie did in his age 20 season and he still managed to rip up the AHL.

I'm not saying that you give up on the guy; I doubt that you'd get enough that it would make sense. I'm just saying that the expectations should be dialled WAY back on him. His path to this point indicates that its unlikely that he's going to be the kind of offensive hockey player who wins you games in the NHL; he's far more likely, if he makes it, to be the kind of guy who scores 40-50 points on teams that don't make the playoffs. If you apply the "What if he turns into Satan" standard, you never make a move for anyone. A far less insane standard would seem to be "Are my reasonable expectations that what I'm getting makes winning more likely than what I'm giving up?"

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