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Originally Posted by JonQuixote View Post
So, sticking with Comrie, we can expect to see Schremp show some improvement this year, hold fast the following year, take a big drop, and eventually return to his sophomore levels of production, never to really improve beyond that, at least into his mid/late 20's.

Would Schremp develop/improve at the same rate Comrie did (if Comrie did, I didn't bother with ES 60, 'cause I don't have much time and would rather make my point and return later - if Comrie never improved, is that standard?) if he plays in the AHL this year or the NHL this year? Is it fixed? How does Comrie's pattern of development line up with those of other Comrie/Schremp type players (assuming the comparison is valid)? Is it typical or unique? How has Schremp's personal pattern through other levels of play lined up with Comrie's?

The questions can go on, ad nauseum, as I try to discern exactly what I'm supposed to conclude from this, other than Schremp wasn't NHL-ready last season.

Going back to Boyes, 'cause his stat history window is open and 'cause while they may not be exactly the same, they're of similar size, development path, draft position, and some of the criticisms (skating concerns, If I recall correctly with Boyes), etc.... it took him a while before he cracked an NHL-roster, but when he did, he did so at a similar PPG rate (Ev 60, I dunno) than he did in the AHL one season before.

Now, I'm not a Schremp-should-play-now guy. I know he struggled last year, and though he improved towards the end, the injury tempers some of the optimism, and I know that for the scoring spots we have open there are players more likely to earn them and produce in them...

...but reading this analysis, when can we expect Schremp to become an NHL player? Later this season? Next season? Three years from now? Never? What does this analysis conclude about how Schremp is going to play *this* year?
I can't really answer your question(s) directly -- the wording of your questions presuppose the answers as facts that *will* happen. Like I said above, I form an opinion based on everything, not just the stats.

My opinion, and it really is only as such, is that Schremp, if he is not traded, might:

-start the season in the minors;
-get called up at certain points;
-eventually make the NHL in a full-time capacity;
-evolve into a 50 point player in his prime;
-be useful as a 2nd line forward with PP skills;
-be a complementary player on a winning team, or a fill-in UFA on a losing team;
-cover the bet for a 25th overall pick


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