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08-27-2007, 06:03 PM
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Originally Posted by MisterUnspoken View Post
I actually liked Rachunek a majority of the time. There were occasions where you'd be like "*** was he doing?" and I'm sure that gets him benched on the Devils.

I'll say a few positives though...

- He has a fairly solid shot from the line... it's got a motor on it
- He is more physical than most of the Rangers defenseman (which isn't saying a lot, but he'd put people in there place)
- He's pretty fast for a defenseman with good puck handling skills
- He'll stick up for teammates (a good example is the Hollweg-Simon fiasco)
- He'll definitely make some sick passes from time to time


- Caught out of position at least once a game due to a bad pinch usually
- Isn't patient enough to stick with fast skaters (what I mean is he usually makes the first move - not good)
- Shot hits the glass more than the net, but when it does hit the net it's prob going in
- deflects a lot of shots into his own net (wasn't it like 4 or 5 last year?)
- screens your goalie .. why he does this still baffles me.... I thought Lundqvist was going to kill hiim a few times
nice report thanks alot

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