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Originally Posted by MikeC44 View Post
I think both leagues (NCAA & CHL) are scared because they don't know what might happen if CHL players were allowed to go on to play NCAA hockey.

The NCAA is afraid all the top players would go to the CHL, and turn pro before playing in the NCAA. They'd never see the Kessels, Johnsons, etc. It would turn into the CIS.

The CHL is worried all the top players would leave the CHL for the NCAA at 18. The only 18 and 19 year olds left would be either 2nd tier guys, or guys not smart enough to get into university.
There's just too much to lose if the pendulum swings in the other direction.
Simple solution to that would be - in their CHL contract, they wouldn't be allowed to leave for the NCAA until they turned 20 ie finished junior. But then, players and clubs would be in a similar situation as now as players would negotiate ie holdout, play others league's - like they threaten now to negotiate that clause to change it to a younger age etc. So really, I don't think much would change for the CHL.

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