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08-28-2007, 12:36 PM
Boo or Boo-urns?
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I just started playing center this past season and I have a fairly good face off winning %. Probably the biggest advantage you could have is learning to anticipate when the ref is about to drop the puck. Pay attention to his gestures when he does drop and learn the timing of it. I usually pay very close attention for the first few drops so I can have this advantage. Once you know this, its all about reacting right away. Don't watch the puck drop. Watch the movement of the refs arm and hand in your peripheral vision and keep your eyes down at the ice. Once you notice the QUE (that you should have studied), REACT.

I almost always pull the puck back to my D. I always direct where I want them as well. I'd say my strong side as a lefty is directly behind me, or to the left. If I have a Dman out there who I know has a canon, but is playing my weak side, I'll have them switch for the face off.

Sometimes, depending on my wing, I'll poke the puck behind the center and my wing picks it up (obviously knowing what my plan is) and we'll set up a rush into their zone.

In the D zone, I always send it directly in back of me to the dman, tie up the center, and instruct my the weak side wing to get to the boards for the pick up. The strong side wing will try and tie up their opposing wing and the other D will tie up the man-free rushing wing (since our wing went to the boards). Once the puck gets around the boards, us forwards cut in for a break out play.

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