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03-12-2004, 07:47 AM
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Originally Posted by wensink
So let me quote Ian O'Connor's first two sentences of his brilliant expose on our great sport:

"Hockey is a complete joke, with sucker punches for punch lines. It is a cartoon sport with a cult following that cheers from the fringe of relevance".
I cannot comprehend how there is no public outcry for a lessening of violence when Brian Dawkins of the Eagles completely laid out and end Ike Hilliard's season. The hit was late. Or how there is no outcry when routinely football players are carted off on stretchers due to helmet-to-helmet hits or late hits.
For that matter, where is the violence outcry when Pedro Martinez hits another batter or threatend to hit someone in the head. Michael Kay is quick to condemn hockey as a violent sport, but somehow is quiet on the topic of Roger Clemens winging a 95 mph hard ball at someone's head.
And how do all of these analysts get on Bert ( and rightfully so) but are in love w/ LAtrell Sprewell, who blatanlty choked his coach.
As for O'Connor's ignorant comments about the fans of the game, I would love to know how we are a cult that cheers violence, but somehow soccer riots that go on internationally that kill or maim people are acceptable.

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