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Originally Posted by Crosbyfan View Post
That's great. How did he find switching back to ice?
He didn't have any problems. I think roller hockey helped him if anything.

Originally Posted by Crosbyfan View Post
How did the tournament go?
They lost in the semi final. They had a 6:2 lead in the 3rd but got into penalty problem. The other team tied with 6 seconds to go and then won in overtime

Originally Posted by Crosbyfan View Post
My son is in hockey camp this week, and will try out for the rep teams next month. He's hoping for the B team. He has strong points and weak points, so it's hard to tell. I'm guessing he's close, but honestly don't know.
Best of luck

Originally Posted by Crosbyfan View Post
Either way he is in a "no body checking league" as body checking doesn't start until Peewee, though only for rep teams. Is that the same in Toronto? I noticed today they were being taught to pin someone along the boards. It certainly looked safe, but I didn't think that was legal yet for Atoms. I grew up with body checking in hockey from the start, so I had told him it was more or less like soccer. I've noticed in his summer league also that they seem to get away with a little more than that. Know any links to the rules and interpretations of that?
In Ontario body contact starts at minor atom (9 years old). The boys are looking forward to it. They are in training camp this week and this is one thing that they're working on. The issue is that provinces and the US don't have body contact until minor peewee, so whenever out of province teams are in a tourney there is no contact and that makes it sometimes difficult for the kids to adjust. Last tournament they were hacked and slashed but as soon as they'd knock somebody over they'd get called for it
Don't know about summer leagues, but a lot of tournaments are non sanctioned, so they basically do/call what they want and yes more often than not they're more lenient.

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