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Originally Posted by Hank19 View Post
Thanks for keeping this thread alive. I like hearing other parents experiences with how their kids are doing and developing.

My wife and I enrolled our 4-year old boy into minor hockey this season. We got him all his equipment and he seemed really geeked about all the cool stuff he gets to wear.

We just got called about the games and practices and I'm a touch worried that this will hinder his love for playing. The games are on Saturdays between 8-9 am. That's not so bad. But his practices are on Sunday's at either 7:30 or 8:30 am (they switch at the half way point of the year, so he could potentially have practices at 8:30 am up until New Years and then have practices at 7;30 am until the end of the season).
My boy loves his sleep and with him starting JK I'm worried that he's going to be too zonked to get up for 7:30 am practices. The good thing is we live 5 minutes from the arena. So I could have all his gear packed up and could pluck him from bed at 7:00 and at the arena by 7:10 at the latest.

I just want this to be a good experience for him. I don't want to turn him off the game forever.

Anyone else face early icetimes with kids so young? How did it work out?

My son as a 5 year old had practice anywhere from 6 am - 8 am, usually on the 6 am side. First practice it was tough getting him there after a few weeks he was waking me to make sure we would not miss it.

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