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Originally Posted by Shadowtron
Re: god -

No, actually it's spelled g-o-d. I turned it from a proper noun to a common noun. I don't believe in invisible men that live in the sky. My use of "god" is my blatant disregard for and intended insult towards people who do believe in him
Though you may wish to disregard the possible existence of a god, when not prefacing the word God with the indefinite article is proper to capatalize the G.

Originally Posted by Shadowtron
Not personally attacking you. Pointing out the fact that youíre inventing words isnít an attack, just an observation. Stop being so melodramatic.
Sounds to me as if your blatant disregard for God has prompted you to invent a new way of preparing his name. Moreover, I'm not sure exactly where your observations fit into this thread....but are you auditioning for the Forum Grammar Police? Do you do this with all threads, or only those where someone has put down an opinion you disagree with?

Originally Posted by Shadowtron
Yes, the sucker punch does indeed make me think. Makes me think, gee, I hope they suspend that guy. They did. Iím not looking to water the game down any further because a few dumb animals decide to take the law into their own hands. Deal with them and only them. Hockey is a high impact game. I have no interest in a group of men pu$$yfooting around each other because a few limp-spines canít take the unpredictability of the sport. These things happen. Mactavish barely got a year and half off for killing someone with his car while drunk driving. And you want to take Bertuzzi off the ice permanently for this? Geez! Lengthy suspension should be determined by the severity of the infraction. Bertís sentence should be a minimum of this season and the remainder be determined by Mooreís recuperation.

When fighting was outlawed in the 90ís interest in the sport waned and the edge that the game has was absent. Fighting adds excitement, as does scoring, as does goaltending. Itís an entire package. You canít define what a violent act is because it varies from person to person. To some a body check is a violent act. The players committing these acts should be dealt with and thatís the end of it. Hockey isnít galloping out of control, itís not a cesspool of violence. These are isolated incidences and each time the player involved was delivered a season ending sentence or a minimum of ten games. Iím OK with that. If Bert was allowed to play maybe my argument would be different. I think he received exactly what he deserved.
I congratulate you on finally creating a paragraph or two I can sink my teeth into. A post void of childish mocking & insults.....with actual substance to it. In any case, I disagree with your view...but furthering the debate would probably create reduncancy. This thread has run it's course.

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