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09-02-2007, 06:16 PM
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Heres some good ones.

during a shootout, wasn't gonna try anything fancy just try to pick a corner, do a little fake deke and completely wiff on the shot, didn't even get a piece of it.

Clearing out the front of the net during a PK, their point man takes a shot misses by a mile hits me square in the ass and right behind our goalie into the net.

Blocked a shot with my skate and unknown to me at the time it broke the skate blade. Proceed to fall on my ass about 3 times before making it to the bench.

Then there was the time i blocked a shot with my skate and the puck got stuck between the skate blade and the boot. Took some hacks to get it out.

Was caught up ice on a 2 on 1 and was backchecking hard, got close enough when they tried to pass it across i laid out to knock the puck away. Sure enough i end up putting it top corner, our goalie never had a chance.

and my favourite

Leagues allstar game, opening faceoff puck comes back to me and i try to go D to D. End up putting it on the tape of one of the opposition players and he goes in on a breakaway and its 1-0 10 seconds in, some allstar play that was fourtunately there was only about 1000 in attendance.

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