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03-12-2004, 09:02 PM
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Originally Posted by King Nothing
I'll talk about the WTC incident anytime I feel the need to. Why? Because this is a free country. That really drills my balloons when you think the sentence "that goes for everyone" applies to me. Don't be a pansy. Don't be so sensitive about funny prickly things.
ya know what, you DO have the right. And you should also have the brains to realize that WTC was an event in which a lot of people lost their loveded ones and they don't want it used as an example, especially for something like a hockey incident.

Can i "Stop" anyone from saying it? nope. But i'd like to believe an incident like 9/11 would speak enough to people's sense of decency that they could not push the issue.

But instead we get "don't be a pansy". Man dude I'm sorry but that's just kind of sad. We have a million things to debate and and discuss, 9/11 doesn't have to be the one you make a "statement" about.

But i guess i'm too sensitive about the issue. i mean when we're mentioning 2000 lives being lost i guess i should be a hot shot internet user who suddenly has a lot to say when he doesn't have to say it to people's faces.

there's a million things to compare this incident too. 9/11 does not and should not be one of them. If that's too much to ask from a rational and mature person than we might as well through all feelings of sensitivity out the window.

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