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Originally Posted by Nich View Post

i like this youtube better of him....
Thats a great video. Wow that takes me back. Roenick was one of my favorite players back then, i think when he left Chicago that team never recovered and still hasnt. Kinda sad to see that, i'm hoping the Blackhawks can get back to that one day it would be great for the league. Chicago is such a great city.

Ahh the good ole days, Belfour, Roenick, Amonte, Larmer, Murphy... that team was my favorite Western conference (or should I say Campbell Conference) team I have to admit. I was never one of those 1st, 2nd 3rd 4th favorite team guys but for some reason I always liked the Blackhawks back then and Roenick was a big reason why.

He's totally changed in my mind though, and I really havent had enough opportunities to watch him play over the last 3 years or so but man was that guy exciting to watch in his prime. That was great hockey back then it really was.

For the younger generations out there, in the 80's and 90's the game was much different than it is now - much more free and IMO pure. Not to say hockey in general has totally soured but back then it was a treat. I think the skill levels have gone up for sure but something about the way those games were played during that era... those that watched back then know what im talking about.

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