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03-13-2004, 12:32 AM
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Originally Posted by andora
whatever, anaheim contender? nooooo.. cinderella act, yes. did anaheim win? no, they didn't, a contender won, and hence why we label contenders...

anaheim wasn't, carolina wasn't, washington wasn't, and neither is montreal. montreal for sure is a sleeper to perhaps do some damage, maybe a couple rounds, but they AREN"T A CONTENDER

some words are thrown around far far far too easy and carelessly around here *elite, top pairing, top line, contender etc...*

simple, yet true
so because they lost that one game 7 they werent contenders? give me a break. if they had won youd still prolly be saying they werent contenders. regular season and playoffs are WAY different. Anaheim finished 7th in the reg. season....but 2nd where it matters.

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