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09-05-2007, 12:56 AM
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rbk 4k inline and ice skates

Here's the situation. I have flat feet. Flat feet and hockey are a bad combo. I had to give up hockey for a few years because of my flat feet. But I had to get back into it. I tried on 29 pairs of inline hockey skates before I finally found 1 that was actually comfy. The Reebok 4k inline skate has the flattest arch I've ever tried in a hockey skate. I can now play for hours and feel no feet pain. This has inspired me to get back into ice hockey, however here's my question. I noticed that RBK makes a 4k ice skate, but I was wondering if they are the same fit as the 4k inline. None of my local stores here in Queens/Long Island seem to carry this skate. I tried on a rbk 8k ice skate ($500), but it was hurting my feet as soon as I laced them up. Does anyone if the RBK 4k ice is the same fit as the rbk 4k inline? Cause if they are I would consider ordering them online. In addition, does anyone have the rbk inline or ice skate here? What do you think of the skate? And would mounting an ice hockey frame on the rbk 4k inline skates be an option?

thanx for any feedback.

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