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03-13-2004, 05:46 AM
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The Habs have too much going for them to be called a "dark horse", imo. If Dowd continues to help stabilize the PK unit, Kovalev gets kick-started, and Theodore goes on a role, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see them go deep. They're a better team than Minny was when they did it, and if Theodore's on, I'd say they're better than Anaheim was. They may not be contenders, but they're closer to that status than they are to being longshots. I'd put the odds of the following teams going to the final as follows:

NJ 2-1
Ot 9-5
PH 5-2
TO 3-1
Bo 4-1
Mtl 4-1

To me, a longshot would be 7-1 or lower. I wouldn't give anyone 7 or 8-1 odds against Montreal going to the final. 5-1, maybe. One of the reasons for this, obviously, is that experience tells us that of the eight teams in the conference which make it, two or more of the teams to get knocked off in the first and second rounds will have been considered "legit contenders". The field gets thinned out pretty quickly, and all you need is a couple of upsets and one or two teams to get banged up for things to look very different.

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