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09-05-2007, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by PensFanInCBus View Post
Keep an eye on your goalie. Usually, the goalie will raise his glove hand if it's an ice, or keep it down if it's waved off.
If yours doesn't, ask them to let you guys know. It'll make your life much easier.
With the poster being in his offensive roll, watching his own goalie would be very odd.

The goalie can be a clue but its not something you should rely on. I have seen defensive players get creamed because the goalie had indicated icing when in fact it wasnt. As warrior posted, play till the whistle. Do that and you will never look foolish. There are many times an icing will be waved off at the last second before a puck crosses the line due to a defender who stops skating. If your going hard you might get a good chance out of it.

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