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03-13-2004, 08:46 AM
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Most memorable bad moments:

-Barry Ashbee getting hit in the eye by a Dale Rolfe slapshot and having to retire (against the Rangers).

-Barry Ashbee later succumbing to leukemia.

-Bernie getting hit in the eye with a stick and having to retire (against the Rangers).

-1980 Finals. Robbery....that's all that can be said for Mr. Stickle. :mad:

-Bob Dailey getting drilled from behind into the boards by the Sabres' Tony McKegney while hustling back to touch up on an icing call, shattering his ankle and forcing his retirement.

-The "Smurfs"...anyone watching the Flyers in the early '80s remember them all too well.

-Pelle's death. A Cup was definately in sight for him/the Flyers, no question.

-Game 7, Finals against the Oilers. Scoring that 1st goal of the game was the kiss of death.

-Chelios' cheap hit on Propp in the '88 playoffs.

-The 5 years out of the playoffs in the early '90s. Not so sweet oblivion...

-The sweep at the hand of the Red Wings in the '97 Finals.

-Game 7 of the '00 Semis against the Devs. Lord Stanley was as good as back in Philly if we won that game.

-The deaths of Dmitri Tertyshny (boating accident) and Yanick Dupre (leukemia).....

-The can't-score-a-goal-to-save-our-lives series against the Sens in '02.

-JR getting his jaw shattered by the puck off a Boris Mironov slapshot (AGAIN, against the Rags! Noticing a pattern here?).

Probably some more I forgot...

As for most memorable bad player:

Tom (TJ) Gorence. Gorence was a forward in the early '80s that totally lost his scoring touch. I remember The Philadelphia Daily News describing him as "the guy you give a puck to with an open net and he'll hit the post."

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