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03-13-2004, 08:31 AM
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Thanks for all the replies fellas as I'm sure you will admit, it makes for a pretty darn good controversial Anyways, I guess you guys are bigger men than I am as the majority of you seem to have no problem and would "love" to have Bertuzzi represent your country even despite what he did. And so y'all are definitly much more forgiving than I am and so I guess we'll just have to agree to disgree on this one.

A few of you have brought up Gary Suter and his inclusion on Team USA awhile ago. If it had been up to me with regards to Gary Suter, who's stupidity, though not premeditated when he wacked Karyia across the face(spur of the moment style) to knock Karyia out of the Olympics, which makes that incident quite a bit different than this Bertuzzi one, I probably would have kept him out the Olympics and off of Team USA to be honest with ya so as to not send the wrong message even if it did hurt my teams chances a bit to win the gold. Players like Suter and especially Bertuzzi(the premeditated part is what makes his actions alot worse than Suters, who I'm not excusing in any way), who make stupid mistakes that purposly and savagly injure opposing players like that, though eventually they should be forgiven, I contend should not be rewarded with such a prestigious honor as to represent ones own country.....its sends a really bad message to do so IMO.

Anyways, looks like I'm in the minority on this one as most of y'all seem like you'd have no problem with Bertuzzi represening your country despite what he's done and so though I disagree vehemently, thanks again for the "flameless" replies as IMO, it makes for an interesting debate. I guess we'll see 4-5 months from now how this puppy plays out....


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