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03-13-2004, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by s7ark
Just incase no one is taking this seriously, the answer is only 3 (T Bay by 3, Detroit by 3, and Toronto by 1). That has to mean they are a legit contender or atleast not your stereotypical "Cinderella". Good point!
They also have the most losses of any team currently holding a playoff spot. What does that say about them?

What is the cutoff for your number of wins making you a contender anyway? Are you a contender if only three teams have more wins, but not if five teams do? Because Montreal is only ahead of Ottawa and New Jersey as a result of playing more games. Philly could also pass Montreal in the Wins department before it is all said and done as well.

So if the Habs finish with the 6th most wins, would they no longer be contenders?

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