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OT- Austrian Citizenship Questions and Story

Hi, I have a few questions and hopefully someone in Austria can tell me, or perhaps someone knows.

Basically, My Grandmother was born and Raised in Austria, she had my Dad in Salzburg and from there they took the ship to North America when my dad was just over a year old. His father left my grandmother, post war after a night of drinking... my dad has never met his father, nor does he know his name or where he came from. All we know about him is that he spoke fluent German and was a merchant.

My dad has Austrian birth certificates, and is on my grandmothers passport.

More or less, my dad is nearing 60 now and would love to spend the rest of his days in Salzburg and I do as well. For whatever reason he was told by the Austrian consulate in Toronto that he can only get citizenship with proof of the father being Austrian... now obviously this isn't possible.. But my Grandmother is born and raised Austrian, my dad was born there... How can he not be eligible for an Austrian citizenship?

I know I should find some kind of international message board but who knows. I'm 24 now, and would love nothing more then to see my 60 year old dad retire to where he was born, where his ancestry is from, and I want to be part of it, learn the language fully and live a better lifestyle...



Wikipedia tells me the following:

Birth in Austria

Birth in Austria does not in itself confer Austrian citizenship. However it may lead to a reduction in the residence requirement for naturalisation as an Austrian citizen.

Descent from an Austrian parent

In principle, a child born to an Austrian parent (either the mother or father) is an Austrian citizen.

---So the way I read that is that say two American people are on vacation in Austria and have a child, the child born there has no chance of being austrian citizen. But in my Dad's case he should have it because his mother is Austrian.

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