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Originally Posted by inferno272 View Post
im actually a big fan of hugh's.

its rare, i know.

the guy has size, desire, excellent skating (for his size) good hands, aggression, physicality, sticks up for his teammates, and intense pride in his jersey along with an attitude youd want to clone on all your prospects.
Yeah, I kind of like him too for the underdog aspect as well, but I thought last year was a make it or break it year for him, and he didn't deliver. So I've kind of started looking past him. Not ready to throw him to the wolves, it's just that there are so many other prospects to watch closely at this point that Hugh is becoming an afterthought.

with that said, he still needs to develop and show genuine progress. i think we saw flashes of it last year, which is good, we know it at least can be there. i think there was a stretch last year where he had like 3 goals in 3 games, and all of the "power forward" variety.
Yeah, honestly I'd like to see one of two things with Hugh next year. Either he gets a LOT of icetime in Hartford, or he plays on the 4th line with the Rangers.

I'll explain. Giving him little icetime in Hartford does absolutely nothing for him. This is a guy who desperately needs playing time to develop, and that's something that he severely lacked compared to most other prospects. His injury coupled with being a college player to begin with ends up meaning the amount of games he's played compared to most of the other Rangers prospects is quite small. If he's going to play in the AHL, the coaches need to give him a ton of icetime. This would be one instance where I think a player should continue to get icetime even if they're not producing game in and game out. I don't think Hugh effort level is ever poor, so I don't think he's slacking and not "earning" icetime in that way.

As for him being on the Rangers. I think it could be beneficial to his confidence, and his game to be able to practice with NHLers, get tips from them, see how they do things, and get in real NHL playing time. If Renney rolls his lines enough, he can still get 10 minutes per game or so, and it could help him as well. I don't think that this is as beneficial as a ton of icetime in Hartford, but I think we've also reached the point where something needs to be gotten out of Hugh, and if he can play on the 4th line and do well, then that's a start. Maybe he can earn his way up the lineup from there if he really starts getting it.

I don't feel there's any point in discussing Hugh as a draft pick anymore. At this point, it's about him as a player and what can be done (and what he can do) to become a useful NHLer

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