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09-07-2007, 11:08 AM
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How about we stop fighting about the Hugh threads of the past, and actually contribute to this thread.

If all you have to contribute is snarky comments to one another and complaining about past threads, then don't post, and the thread will go away.

In the past I've probably felt that such threads are useless, but discussing Hugh's chances to make the team this year could be mildly entertaining at least, if people stick on topic.

Let's rephrase the question: Can Jessiman develop into a fourth line role player with some skill at the NHL level? To do that, can he drop the gloves with the heavyweights? Can he consistently take the body on every shift? Can he be responsible defensively? And can he do all that after having warmed the bench for 10-15 minutes at a time? If so, he can be valuable for his size alone as our forwards continue to be undersized.
I think he can, but I don't know when that will happen and if it will be with the Rangers. Part of the problem is that this is his last year on his entry level pro contract. If he can't show any marked improvement, then we might see the Rangers just cut him loose in order to make room for other prospects that are coming along.

From accounts, it sounds like even when he wasn't scoring last year, his game had improved to the point where he was useful on the ice. Being physical, etc etc. So...I dunno. If he can hold on to that and build on it, maybe he'll earn a shot this year. I actually like Hollweg, but it's not like he has such a firm hold on a 4th line spot that Hugh couldn't take it from him with some improved play.

There's still the briefest, smallest bit of hope in my mind that it will just kind of click for Hugh one day and we'll see the top 6 forward skills he was drafted for. But I think that will only come about if he first gets the basics down, and that seems to be what he's working on.

I guess part of me really wants to see him get some time with the Rangers this year, for some reason.

Originally Posted by Taz View Post
i read somewhere that the rangers were asking him to increase the physical/ fighting side to his game, seems like they are trying to make him into a decent role player and use his size for protection
Yeah, I think they really asked him to do that last year. I think part of it is to get him more involved on what's going on out there on the ice, and part of it is just to make sure he uses the physical tools he has.

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