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09-07-2007, 07:55 PM
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New member, another long time lurker

Just signed up. Been watching HF for, I can't remember how long now. Impressed with this forum enough that I'd join. As a novice I'll hold off on my opinions till I'm sure I'm posting correctly. Anyway here's the info.

Name: Tom


Sex: Male

Birthplace: Paso Rhobles, CA (misleading in that my parents moved back to ESTL before I was a year old.)

Hometown: O'Fallon, IL for the last 13 years. Soulard before that. PB I've relatives in Benld so am familiar with your area.

Mode of transport: 2002 Dakota

Job: Environmental Engineer for US GOV

How and When I became a St. Louis Blues fan: Going to gradeschool in Fairview Heights, IL. I missed the Philly game on TV when the Blues went into the stands and still remember all the kids talking about it the next day.

Favorite Current Blues Player: David Backes. Gotta stick with the engineers.

Favorite All Time Blues Player: Two would qualify for this but I'll pick Bob Gassoff. My Dad was working nights at a local grocery store that Bob came in. He got the autograph for me which I'm still kicking myself for not keeping. I'd love to have bought a #3 sweater and have a seamstress sew a copy of that autograph onto it.

Favorite non-Blues player: Pronger. Some may disagree but I expect that will change after three more seasons, if not sooner.

Favorite all time non-Blues player: Scott Stevens. With favorite all time Blues player between him and Bob Gassoff I bent the rules a little. With him not being here more than a year I thought I'd bend the rules a little. Too bad it couldn't be an outright infraction.

Definitive Blues moment: Have to be Belfour swinging his stick against the goalpost. As far as Stevie Y scoring and other negative events my memory tends to get a little iffy as I get older.

First Blues game attended: It was sometime in the 70's against Colorado.

College attended: Missouri-Rolla for the bachelors. SIUE for the masters. Both are my alma mater but the St. Pat's parties we had down in Rolla back then were something. We used to go to the Halloween parties at SIUC just to judge between the two. My GPA reflected that.

Music: Pretty standard, Rush, Yes, Pink Floyd.

Movie: Monty Python's Holy Grail. Too good to pick anything else.

Favorite food: Italian. That's why I like my trips to Benld.

Favorite teams: Blues, St. Louis United

Thanks for reading and hopefully I can be a strong addition to the Blues part of HF.

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