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09-08-2007, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by DarthSather99 View Post
anti-Ranger bias can find ALOT worse picks than a #12 overall pick being a bust about Alexander Daige?
Fat Balloon? Brian Lawton?

Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
We finally have some potential for top liners--Anisimov, Dawes, Cherepanov, Dubinsky, Korpikoski, Bourret, Pyatt.
In no such way do Dawes, Dubinsky, Korpikoski, Bourret, and Pyatt have top-line potential. Top 6? Yeah.

Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
If the Rangers were picking in the 25-30 range that year, sure one could take a swipe at Project Hugh. But at 12, there were a bevy of pretty much universally acknowledged better choices available.
We just weren't in a position depth-wise on the farm to take a project player, you're completely right about that.

Originally Posted by DarthSather99 View Post
Besides Parise and Getzlaf none of these players have stood out. Richards has been average...Seabrook is an ok player but we have tons of D prospects. Boyle has yet to hit the NHL. Belle is nothing special, 9 total games in the NHL. Brown and Bernier are nothing special, certainly not better than Prucha or what Dawes can become when given the ice time. Stuart was still bouncing between the NHL and AHL last year. Who here besides Parise and Getzlef is the superstar we missed out on ???
Seabrook is an ok player? I suggest you watch more of the Hawks if you have Center Ice. He's a VERY UNDERRATED defenseman on a team that's piss-poor defensively. I'd love to have him on the Rangers. Brown is nothing great, I still think the comparisons I made with him to Deadmarsh can be achieved. Richards was overrated, and I think will be nothing more than a top-notch checking center, which I'd still like to have anyway. Bernier will be a top-6 power forward, and has already shown signs of it.

Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
Hugh was a reach, high-risk pick then. He had one good season playing in a second level NCAA league.
Second level? The ECAC is arguably the worst conference in NCAA hockey.

Originally Posted by DarthSather99 View Post
The two players most people mention, Parise and Getzlef are great examples. Parise was drafted before the NEW NHL where smaller players usuualy did not make it. That is why all the teams at the top of the draft passed on him.
I've been following college hockey for a while now, and having gotten to watch Parise for a bit as a Fighting Sioux, you could just tell that he was the kind of player that would have still been a great player in the old NHL.

Getzlef had a tag of being lazy, which even now would totally turn the Rangers away from a prospect. Jessiman had/has an OUTSTANDING work ethic. Work ethic and character are MUST HAVES for any Rangers draft pick.
One of the biggest knocks on Jessiman has always been his work ethic/conistency.

Originally Posted by Taz View Post
I cant see him making it as a scorer, more like Gaustad in Buffalo

6-8 goals 10-15 assists physical and will fight
I'll take a Gaustad type player. 10 goals, 20 points, servicable penalty killer, banger/grinder/mucker type player. With a blend of that kind of size and speed, if he could become that, I'd be happy, considering where he's been recently.

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