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03-13-2004, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by punchy1
I just had a look at ice time and the rest of the stats and again, I have to wonder what is up. Frolov had 14 minutes of ice time yet Klatt and many others had more than 17 mins. I for the life of me cannot or will not understand what drugs our coach is on that would make him be so damned daft on his line combos and ice time allotments.

He is just well wrong lots of the time on this and to answer one of our questions, why do we play worse when we are healthy? Because, as usual, Murray sits Frolov and messes about with the rest of lines so bad that there is no chemistry.

Once again, showing he is the best Xs and Os coaches in the game but just simply awful when it comes to other very important things. Pirnes and Frolov almost had the same amount of ice time (pirnes near 13 frolov just over 14).

Army saw over 18 with over 3mins of PP time
Carter/Klatt/Luc/Stumpel all saw over 17 mins of 5man and more than 3mins of pp time as well.

Frolovs actual numbers, while paired most of the time on a line he simply shouldn't have been moved to (or from depending on your pov) saw, 14:12 and 1:02 of PP time.

He also scored a point with his limited opportunities and resources. Something that
only Stumpel of that group and say the same on. Interestingly enough also is that the only goal we scored was actually when Frolov and Stumpel were on the ice at the same time.
Andy's system is tight and Frolov leaves his men alone in his zone all the time and until he gets to be a better player in the defensive end he will continue to get the amount he is getting now. Remember the game against Minnesota last week? That OT goal wsa frolov's man. If you do not beleive me, take a look at the replay. I really do like Frolov's potential as an offensive threat. Even though he has been extremely cold the past 15 games. 3 goals I believe and not many assists.
As for your comment on saying why do we lose games when there is a healthy team on the ice. To me, it seems as if there may be a confusion of roles when the team gets healthy. I believe our team has three good 2nd lines and one good 4th line. Note: (No 1st line) So there are three lines that think they can go out and score and this leads to players not playing tight checking and looking for breakdowns by the other team instead of forcing breakdowns by a tight checking system. So I believe the role confusion that is caused by having extra healthy players could be a cause as to why it appears as if we lose when healthy.
If we were to change this, we could give Frolov a chance on the first line with Army and Luc to see if it works and to give us a true 1st line. I do believe that Klatt should move down the ladder for a while until he regains that edge he played with earlier in the season. This, then leaves our second line, which can be potent as well, of Carter Stumpel Straka. Coming back then with Avery Belanger Laperierre and then we have Cowan Pirnes Klatt or even Barney making up the 4th.
The idea in giving Frolov a chance with Robitaille is that Frolov often contains the puck around the boards and often breaks free due to his strong balance and quick thinking and he could find Luc open a lot I believe but I do have reservations as Frolov strikes me as an individual player - I do hope he loses this trait soon.
I hope andy does make a change upfront because players are getting away from the tight defensive system. This causes a run-n'-gun flow to the game and we don't have the guns to support it liek other teams. Just my two cents..

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