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09-11-2007, 05:58 PM
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the overlap of the tape should be so that you get little resistance when advancing the stick. wrapping from toe to heel leaves an exposed edge that can roll or cause drag when you extend the stick, causing control issues. It is also a good practice to wrap so that the tape advances UP the face of the blade, over the top to the back. Pulling the tape to the backside bottom and cutting there will eliminate the occasional Dangler should hte tape loose grip at the end of your wrap job.

Black tape will hide the puck and shot release. As a goalie with 44 plus years of play, white tape on a players stick makes my job MUCH easier. I can see the puck more clearly and also see how/where the puck comes off the stick. It is particularly helpful on reading backhand shots. Those that use white or other non-traditional colors, add stripes etc etc....keep doing it. You make my job much easier.

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