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my story

Originally Posted by Nbr-17 View Post
Cool. How did he come up with the desire to play hockey? I mean around here everybody plays so it's a common/normal thing. But I wouldn't think that he'd get too much exposure in Florida.

Our boys won their first AAA tourney last Sunday:
Good question, thanks for asking.

I am from Edina, MN - as much hockey country as you can find in the US. I played a lot as a kid. My best friend still lives there and has five kids - all playing.

My son would see my trophies when we visited grandma and she also kept ALL my youth jerseys. Then he'd go to my friend's house and play in the basement with those kids. As a result, he kept bugging me to play.

When I moved here in 1993 there weren't many rinks and the state didn't have professional teams. I had quit hockey cold turkey and just figured I'd never see the inside of a rink.

He got me back involved and now I'm playing weekly (some would say 'weakly' in a 35+ league). Actually, it is going very well even though I weigh 70 pounds more than I did when I finished HS.

My story is that I had the passion and enough skill, just not enough of the speed-size-strength necessary to stand out (or keep up) after kids hit puberty. Still loved it though, even playing outdoor 4-on-4 men's league after college for a few winters.

Great sport. I'm glad my son has it going for him and I'm glad he's got me back at it.

Which AAA tourney was that? I know a Florida kid that played in the Bantams won by the Toronto Marlboroughs somewhere in/near Toronto. A biggie with 40 teams, almost all of them very good.

Probably a little more hockey here than you think. There are 17 facilities in the state. Not a lot for 17,000,000 people, but there also isn't a ton of competition for the ice time. The youth program is very strong in Fort Lauderdale especially.

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