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03-14-2004, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
This was a frustrating game. I thought we were the superior team, but thems the breaks. If we play this way every night, I think we'll be in the playoffs. There was a deflection or two in their for Calgary that just don't happen most nights. I wish we had played with a winning mentality in the last minutes of the game. I really felt we played to tie towards the middle/end of the 3rd and didn't truly come out of it until overtime.

I was really disappionted in the inconsistency of the officiating. The takedown of Timonen and the take down of Walker, what are the differences? Well for starters, Walker had the puck and the Preds had the lead in Timonen's hit. But both were eerily similar and clearly roughings/holdings (by rulebook definitions), but only one was called. I'm not going to get high and mighty and say they should call both because I feel lucky we got one. But if you aren't going to call the one on Timonen, don't call the one on Walker. I think the biggest step towards respectability will be when the scoreboard doesn't make the call. It is always this way. It's as if the refs want to keep the game close. Against the Bruins, there was no penalties for a major stretch because the game was tied. The moment the Bruins got the lead, the calls started coming. There was little difference between the infractions that weren't called (during the tie) and the ones that were called (when the Bruins led). Either call them ALL or don't call them at all. Now, this isn't sour grapes because penalties didn't directly help or hurt us in this game (Calgary or Boston). It's more of a rant for every game. It just frustrates me to see one situation be 2 different things for no other reason other than the scoreboard.
That Timonen play should not have been a penalty IMO. Gauthier stepped in front of Timonen and took him out, maybe a hold but marginal because Timonen went down WAY too easy. You can't argue that. There were some bad calls that went the Preds way for sure. That Donovan goalie interference penalty was a joke, he moved out of Vokoun's way and did not even touch him,even the Nashville announcers disagreed with the call.

Nashville did take most of the play to the Flames but it was mainly because their PP was much better and the Flames weren't even getting shots on theirs. Vokoun looked shaky at times and so did Kipper. IMO it as a pretty even game and neither team really deserved to win.

The funniest thing was when Scott Walker was saying something to Clark about not fighting all year, ummm sorry Scotty but he fights more often then you do. The announcers didn't even bother to look it up because they thought Walker was right, so they just laughed. Walker vs. Clark will be next Saturday, and it will be a dandy IMO. Clark ain't no Kobasew.

Anyways, congrats on a good game and hard earned point and we'll see ya Saturday, hopefully more than 2 points back.

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