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09-13-2007, 06:08 PM
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I got my copy of NHL 08 for PS2 yesterday morning. EB games never even had it one display at that point. Anyways i think 08 is way better than 07. Seems like the game is really meant for the Hybrid controls. I'm still getting used to hitting with the analog. Also I use action view and had to adjust the controls so the shooting is always up or down. Overall I'm pretty satisfied. I played a game on difficult and lost 3-1. Scores and stats are much more realistic than 06 or 07. The minor league manager loads pretty slow but making roster changed is not too bad. I also like the shoot-out mini-game feature.
A few small complaints. The announcers in-between plays will comment on some hits, but the only ones the comment on are cross-checks, not any real hits. Also using custom(old-school) controls I seem to have players double pass sometimes. This was a problem with 07 as well. Using Hybrid controls I'm used to having speed burst at the R1 Button but now it's mapped to L1, and the passing modifier(R2) I never use but stick to the X Button and Left analog for passing.The game will not allow you to map the Hybrid controls, only the Custom controls. I can understand not allowing to map the analogs but the other buttons should be able to be mapped. BUt overall I'm quite impressed. Ready to start another dynasty once the real season begins.

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