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03-14-2004, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Pipo
are you saying brian leetch had no part in what was a rangers organization that was a complete failure the last 7 years?... i'm not saying it's all his fault, not even close... but a guy who wore the c and/or the a for every year he was here has to accept part of the responsibility for what happened...
One man can't lead a hockey team to the promise land, just like one man can't lead it to 7 years of nothing.

But to suggest that Brian Leetch disgraced the Rangers jersey and orginazation is one of the most idiotic posts I've even seen on this board, ever.

Ever watch the 94 Cup playoffs?

Ever watch ANY Ranger hockey during Leetch's stay here?

Maybe somebody else will be able to explain this better for you because I don't have the next 15+ hours to sit here and tell you why Brian Leetch is one of the greatest Ranger's of all time.

BTW- nobody's "trading in" their Ranger colors for Leaf colors, but you're damn right I'll follow and support the man as he goes for success in Toronto. The man deserves it.

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