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09-14-2007, 10:27 AM
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Hockey Stops

I have only been playing ice for a year now... stopping is still a challenge in some situations, but I had 5 people try to show me how it's done and I still had to figure out what worked on my own. It's tough to explain.

I learned by getting some forward momentum going, then I would lift my front foot slightly off the ice, turn the blade a tiny bit inward like snowplowing, then adjust the angle of the blade edge to the ice from one extreme to the other until it make a smooth scraping sound and you can feel the friction. From there, you learn to put more weight on that edge and the back foot can follow after enough repitition. Eventually I could turn my body 90 degrees to my direction of travel and use both edges to adjust how fast I stopped... that's about where I'm at now. I hope that helps.

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