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03-14-2004, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Garfield
No one started a pissing match. It was just my opinion. The Flames had 3 PP's and the Preds were on the PP all game it seemed, I can't see how anyone can blame the ref for making mistakes that directly lead to the outcome of this game. It was the Predators PP show all night long. Anyway, I just came in to give my 2 cents on a good game but I guess any different opinions than Preds fans are not welcome. Sorry. And Walker should be a little stronger on his skates if he wants to celeberate in Kipper's face.
First of all, I never ever said that the officiating directly lead to the outcome of the game. If you would scrutinized my posts a touch more, you would have found that I said the exact opposite.

And don't give my this whining about different opinions aren't welcome. You gave an opinion that differed from mine; I countered with something of my own. At no point in time did I tell you to go back to Calgary or something of the like. If you don't like that form of argumentation, there's an old saying about a door and an ass that you might want to look in to

And yeah, Walker should be stronger on his skates. Because every player should expect to get tossed into the post after they score. I would imagine that's the Vancouver fan rationale right? If Moore had been stronger on his skates then...

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