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03-14-2004, 04:29 PM
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Originally Posted by thebadguy
It is always astonishing to me how ungrateful that ranger fans are to Mess. Did you all forget 1994? He is not the same player anymore. Not even close. However last time I checked he was one of the few players on this team that actually delivered effort on a daily basis to this team. He is not the reason this team exploded. He is the face of our franchise, the last link. You are nuts if you think that his influence will not be positive to the team going forward. The mere fact that he would even be willing to do that shows his dedication to the franchise and its fans that he did not want to go elsewhere. He felt a reasponsibility to go down with the ship. This alone should have showed everyone what he was made of. Instead he was criticized for being selfish. Being selfish would be to join the Playoffs as a rental. Leetch felt the same way and everyone applauded his attitude and killed Sather for trading him without some input. Mess does the same thing and he is useless. I renew my season tickets as long as he is here. He epitomizes what this franchise once was and should be. Wasn't his 3 years in Vancouver painful enough? Do you really want to see him sign with another team and jeapordize a future role with the NYR, even if it is just as a goodwill ambassador? We will need vets to bring these kids along and there is NOBODY better than Mess. Show some respect.
Are you serious?

He threatened to hold out after the cup for money. He left in 97 for money and believe what you want but he came back here FOR MONEY.

Is he the face of the Rangers? Unfortunately yes he is, a face printed on a $100.00 bill.

his existence on the Rangers for the last 3 years has been the sole reason Sather has not started this rebuilding process sooner. Wanting to give it that one last college try while Messier was still around when in reality his 2nd stint with the Rangers is something that should never have happened.

As for his 3 years in Vancouver, I'm happy they ended the way they did, with Me$$ missing trhe PO's 3 straight years.

I'm sitting here thinking some horrible thoughts about this man so I'm going to stop writing before I say something bad about the guy.

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