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03-14-2004, 05:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger
How many times did he get more than 8 shifts in one of those games? From my prospective, he's got pretty good hands and seems to know where the net is. You also seem to suggest he's not strong enough to play in the NHL and given the job that 3rd/4th liners have in this league, you might as well just call him a career minor leaguer if that's really your assessment.

Overall, I think the jury is still out on Wiseman--or at least it should be. He should at least get a real chance to make the Rangers before the organization gives up on him. Of course, they gave up on the player (Ekman, who has almost as many points as Rucinsky has this season and is +20) they traded to get him without even giving him a sniff at the NHL, so I guess we should consider Wiseman lucky to even get NHL meal money.
im sure he had more ice time then that.. i clearly remember him going down on the ice quite often.. good point, i couldve called him a career minor leaguer for that reason alone but i think his hustle resembles ortmeyer except ortmeyer isnt always going down after he checks someone, if he learned to stay on his skates third/fourth line prospect is a legit projection and learning is development so i think its fair to say his upside is that even if he doesnt have it yet.. i suppose the same could be said as far as his offensive upside goes but i think that is too much of a reach at this point.. its only my unprofessional opinion which is what the poster asked for

the jury may still be out on wiseman but i dont see how its wrong to say his upside is currently a third/fourth liner.. im not even sure he is considered a prospect.. i think if he is thought to be a future second liner that would be lowering the bar far too much

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