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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan in Tokyo View Post
Unfortunately, from what you have described, I don't think there is better solution to the combination that you are describing. The asphalt chews up wheels quite quickly. Any wheels currently on the market. Especially if you make a lot of quick turns which you probably do. The aforementioned ABS blade is probably the best price to abrasion resistant ratio option for the sticks. It probably would be a slight improvement to the graphite blade you are presently using, as once the epoxy wears off the graphite, the graphite fibres themselves are fairly brittle and break or layer off. (Note: ABS is of significantly less elastic modulus, or stiffness, than the graphite compound but should not be a significant "difference in feel" for outdoor play as you are probably not using the heavy ice hockey puck but a hockey ball.)

Think of it as the investment you are making in enjoying a great sport. Good luck.

thanx for the info. Our outdoor pickup games can get very competitive so I am forced to make a ton of quick tons and ice/style stops, etc... We use a pro puck, no ball.

In addition, whatis the best way to clean off any rust I have on my abec 5 bearings? I was cleaning all the dirt off today when I noticed significant rust on the bearings.

This is my backup stick

most of the other guys are using ice hockey blades attached to their shafts. While their blades do wear, none of them wear as much as my blades do. Granted I don't have soft hands and I am probably more abrasive in my stick blade contact with the asphault than they are.

Some of them say they use candle wax on the botom of their blades so as to reduce wear. Has anyone else tried this?

Edit - This is the blade attached to my christain shaft - the black one

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