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09-16-2007, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by davezilla View Post
TPS Adrenaline is a great stick. Most online places have it at $80 to $100. Get the whip flex.

Other top of the line sticks on closeout:
TPS Response Armor
Mission Pulse
Mission Hex-1
Bauer Vapor XX

All of these sticks are under $100 at most places. You can go wrong with any of them at that price.
The TPS Adrenaline control is on sale right now for $60 at Awesome deal for what used to be like a $189 stick. I'm tempted to get one right now, but do I need more sticks?

And the V2 mentioned, all I gotta say. I heard good stuff about it and the from the ePuck reviews too, but I was disappointed. But I'm glad I only paid $40 for it.

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