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09-17-2007, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by EroSennin View Post
Could anyone give me more info on Laakso outside of him having some good practices (first post), and no chance of sticking with the Preds (other post)? I'd appreciate it very much.

I'm mostly interested in:
-How's his skating compared to others?
-Does he look nervous or calm?

I know he's not the best out there with the puck, but he finally has a shot at actually playing in that role over here in Finland as he is one of the leading d-men on his team this year, and will most likely get to play with a better (faster, less mistake prone) partner as well. In the past few seasons he's mostly had to play in a very very defensive role with poor partners and hasn't really had much chance at playing offense.

I asked about his skating because I've never considered it a strength of his and since he couldn't train much in the offseason because of his injury, I was wondering if he'd improved at all and how his skating looks compared to other prospects, especially the NHL caliber ones like Klein.

EDIT: I'm glad to hear Pihlström is doing OK over there. Mostly because I hope he sticks, I don't want to see him play against my team over here ever again. But also because I like his style and hope him to have all the success he could possibly get.
Laakso didn't stand out the day I was there, although with a defensemen, that can very much be a good thing. He didn't seem as physical as I've heard him touted, but that could be due to this being training camp. He seemed a bit nervous with the puck, but again could be due to the early stage of training camp. His positioning was good. I didn't watch alot of Laakso, so sorry for the lack of details.

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