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09-17-2007, 11:42 AM
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While I like that Sam updates his blog more than the others, he's the least knowledgable of all of them. He's good for entertainment, good for getting news and facts quickly, but offers little in terms of insight. He tends to pander to his fans a bit, which diminishes his credibility a bit -- in my book anyway.

Brooks is what he is. His penchant for sensationalism and hype annoys the hell out of me, but he does know his stuff and has some good connections.

Zipay is ok. His writing style in his blog comes off as being somewhat arrogant from time to time, but he's pretty knowledgable... I'd prefer more news and insight and less prose, but that's a personal preference.

Dellapina, similar to Brooks, is the most likely to come up with the real info behind a story -- his long tenure means he's very well connected and can offer a good perspective. He's probably my favorite, because I often feel I've learned something after I've read one of his articles. His Leetch infatuation last year got insanely annoying, but otherwise he knows his stuff and is the most likely to get to the bottom of something first.

Carpinello doesn't really count -- he only fills in for Weinman when Weinman misses a game or practice now.

My favorite source for Rangers info is probably Blueshirt Bulletin, though. They don't have to deal with the space considerations of a paper and generally provide more in terms of direct quotes from players after a game. And honestly, that's what I'd rather read -- direct quotes from the players, coaches or management staff, not some writer's opinion of what they said. I don't always agree with Blueshirt's opinions on specific players, but the amount of info they provide more than makes up for it. And, they're the only one of all of them to provide any info regarding Hartford/prospects (apart from the general cheerleading the Rangers PR machine promotes) which I really appreciate.

Edit to add:
Zinser/The Times is ok, but when I read a story from the Times it generally feels more like a story that better fits in the "People" or "LifeStyles" section of a newspaper than the Sports section. I appreciate the perspective it provides, but it could never be my sole source of Ranger news.

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