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09-17-2007, 01:59 PM
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120 is...well, ok, but everything else I'd forget about. We already mentioned the V2 in the thread the other two are SportMart specials I do believe so they are price point and not worth it.

I second the opinion of the guy above, the V2, as well as any other price point OPS, SUCKS. They're heavy and made mostly of fiberglass and have no feel. Personally, I'd rather use a woody than a bargain OPS.
Actually with the heft and weight I find the pricepoints to have decent feel actually and are kinda durable with the weight and materials in it...but shooting and performance overall on the other hand sucks!!!

But honestly, you say your Octane is a POS, the sticks you are looking at arn't gonna be much better.

You may find a decent tapered shaft/blade combo a better option both performance and price.
Not a bad idea...or even use whatever money you have and get a top end standard shaft since those are cheaper than tapereds, plus standard blades are much easier to find.

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